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Window Measuring and Shade Installations


Let Rich's Home Fashions measure and install your new window treatments – and make your life easy! Our experienced staff is fully trained to properly measure and install virtually any window covering. While some homeowners choose to install their window fashions themselves, many are unaware of the damage that can occur when window coverings are installed without a professional. Due to the need for precision and accuracy, the task is typically better left with someone who has experience in the field. Even if your home renovation project is on a tight budget, having your window treatments properly measured and installed by a professional, will be a much smaller cost in the long run if damages from self-installation occur.

Not only can window coverings that are measured improperly become an expensive mistake, they can also lead to unnecessary damages that could cause even bigger issues with the operation and function of your window treatments after installation. Don’t make the mistake of possibly buying the incorrect size for your window treatments; keep your windows looking great, your treatments functioning properly, and save money in the long run by having a professional measure and properly size your window treatments for you.

Installation Woes

As you can see, ensuring that you order the right size window treatment is essential to the installation and function of your windows, but the proper sizing is only half of the battle when installing new window coverings. Physically installing window treatments may also look like an easy task; you just place the treatment in the window and screw in the proper connectors, right?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Improperly or poorly installed window coverings will cause: improper movement, poor light control, damages to your brand-new window covering, and frustration down the road. Improperly installed window coverings can also cause costly damages to your window frames and windows, possibly creating scratches and dents that will look unsightly and lead to expensive repairs that could have been avoided. Avoid the hassle of replacing windows, repainting your walls, or even having to reorder different window treatments sooner than expected by choosing to have your window covering professionally installed.

Why Choose Rich’s Home Fashions

At Rich’s Home Fashions, our team of experienced window treatment experts can ensure the right measurements and proper installation for any type of window treatment you choose. When you work with us, your window covering project will be perfect, from start to finish. Our installers are prompt, courteous and helpful, and you'll feel comfortable inviting them into your home. Locally owned and operated in Parsippany, New Jersey, we are proud to offer professional products, expert services, and years of experience and commitment to our customers. Rather you are looking to replace one window covering in your home or you are planning to design an entirely new space, we offer the right price and the best service for any budget. To request our services, please contact us today.

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