Homes Need Motorized Window Treatments

Living Rooms in Homes Needs Motorized Window Treatments in Parsippany, New Jersey (NJ)

What if we told you that you could control your window treatments without even lifting a finger? Sounds like a dream, right? Luckily, with Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization, this dream is a reality. If you want your blinds to open and close at a certain time, or even operate alongside the sunrise and sunset, then keep reading to see why homes need motorized window treatments!

Reason 1: Effortless

No one likes to jump through hoops just to get a machine working. With the motorized blinds and shades, hassle is part of the past. Just plug in the battery, program your PowerView device to accommodate your needs, schedule your window treatments via the PowerView App, and voila! You now have your perfect amount of privacy and light when you specifically need it. Another perk? The PowerView Motorization system can be used with a variety of control systems, including the PowerView Pebble Control, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Logitech, Nest, IFTTT, Control 4, and, eventually, the Apple HomeKit.

Reason 2: Schedule Your Privacy

Life is busy, so make it easier by having your shades open and close when you need them to without ever lifting a finger. With the PowerView Motorization system, you can schedule your blinds to open at 7 AM, close at 10 PM, or even open and close according to the sunrise and sunset. Whenever you need your window treatments to open and close, the PowerView system can provide that for you. Think of this as one less thing you have to do when you come home from a busy day. With the blinds already closed, you can hop right into bed or snuggle on the couch, hassle free.

Reason 3: Various Controls

As mentioned, your motorized window treatments can work with multiple controls, including:

  • The Pebble Control: Old remotes are boring. This modern take on the remote ups the ante by letting you preset and operate six different window treatment groupings, at once or separately. You literally have all of the power. Plus, this stylish little thing is available in ten colors and is easily mounted on your wall.
  • PowerView Hub: Elegantly but powerful, the Hub effortlessly connects to your WiFi and works as the main control space for your PowerView treatments. You can also connect your Hub to the PowerView Repeater, which expands the signal range of the Hub. This way, your commands can be sent all throughout your home without lag. The Repeater also creates a soft light when plugged in to an outlet, making it both stylish and efficient.
  • Remote Connect: This powerful feature lets you control your window treatments from any location in the world. So even if you forgot to shut the blinds while you are in the middle of the airport, the Remote Connect will shut them at your command.

Life is hectic, but with motorized window treatments, your day can become just a little bit easier. If you are ready to have your windows work according to your needs or would like to know more about motorized blinds and shades, then contact or visit Rich's Home Fashion Center today!

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